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  •  Evaluation of surface roughness of three commercially available dental implant abutments using atomic force microscopy – an in vitro study. Dr. C. FemilJilta
  •   Comparative evaluation of compressive and flexural strengths of zirconia reinforced glass ionomer with composite resin core material –an in vitro study. Dr.Swathi Shankar
  •  Acoustic analysis of speech in individuals receiving conventional and rugae incorporated complete dentures : a clinical study.Dr.Namita Maria John
  • Comparative evaluation of crestal bone level in relation to implants placed using conventional osteotomes and bone expansion screws.Dr.Bini .K. Ravi
  •  Evaluation of effect of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on tensile strength and impact strength in two different types of acrylic resin denture base materials – an in vitro study.Dr. Lino Paul
  •  Evaluation of effect of acid based and aqueous colouring solutions on translucency and surface hardness of monolithic zirconia.Dr.Deekshitha .N.G.
  • Comparison of thermal conductivity, flexural strength and surface hardness of alumina incorporated and conventional heat activated denture base resins.Dr.Aparna .P .M.
  • Correlation of the distance between pterygomaxillary notches and the combined width of maxillary anterior teeth in dentate subjects.Dr.Shari .S .R.
  • Evaluation of the sealing ability of antibacterial sealing gel versus chlorhexidine varnish at the implant abutment interface – an in vitro study.Dr.Soja Raju
  • Evaluation of TMJ vibrations in edentulous patients with temporomandibular disorders rehabilitated by conventional versus balanced complete denture.Dr.Shayistha .M. U
  • Effect of zirconium oxide and cellulose nanoparticles addition on the flexural strength, impact strength and translucency of heat polymerized acrylic resin – an in vitro study.Dr.Senbagavalli .S.
  • OngoingResearch  title


    The Oral Health-related Quality of Life In Edentulous Patients Rehabilitated With Conventional Complete Dentures In A Tertiary Care Centre.